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Microbore adaptor bushes

machining customers bars to accept microbore units

Microbore Tooling Systems maintain complete facilities for designing and building special Microbore tooling to a users individual requirement. However, a complete tooling service for machining Microbore holes into customers boring bars and tool holders is also available to those users who desire to manufacture their own Microbore tooling. These machining operations necessitate the users furnishing certain dimensional information and further details regarding this service are available upon request. The area in which the Microbore hole or holes are to be installed should not exceed 28/32 Rockwell ‘C’.

Microbore 'CM' Style Bush & Unit - Diagram 3
SFB Style Gear Adjust Bushes Diagram 1

microbore press-in adaptor bushes

For permanent installation only

microbore 'cm' style adaptor bushes - angular / triangular

Angular mounted, spring loaded. Triangular Indexable Insert

microbore 'cm'style adaptor bushes - angular / rhomboid

Angular mounted, spring loaded. Rhomboid Indexable insert

microbore 'cm' style adaptor bushes - square / triangular

Square mounted, spring loaded. Triangular Indexable insert

microbore 'cm' style adaptor bushes - square / rhomboid

Square mounted, spring loaded. Rhomboid Indexable insert

Adaptor Bushes & Build-In Units - Image

microbore adaptor bushes

Microbore adaptor bushings provide a simple means of adapting standard Microbore units for those users who find it advantageous to make their own tooling. These steel adaptor bushings are finished machined to receive standard Microbore units and include a graduated vernier scale. A simple machining operation in the boring bar or tool holder permits the mounting of Microbore adaptor bushings as shown in the diagram. The mounting hole should be machined to achieve a 0,005mm-0,025mm interference fit with the outside diameter of the adaptor bushing.

Adaptor Bushes & Build-In Units - Image 1

When ordering please specify the cartridge size and whether angular or 90° mounted adaptor bushes are required.

NOTE: It is recommended that the Microbore holes be machined directly into the boring bar or tool block whenever the design allows so that the tooling retains maximum rigidity and allows the use of spring loaded tools by selection.

You will note the section removed to accept the adaptor is from 1.5 to 2 times the diameter of the Microbore unit. Removal of such a section from the bar or tool block, plus the added ‘joint’ created by the use of bushing tends to reduce overall rigidity.

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