Microbore® ISO 80° Rhomboid Indexable Units

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Image of Microbore ISO 80° Rhomboid Indexable Unit M10B2C12-80


Headed Unit

UK Standard (90° Approach) & European Standard (95° Approach)

Gear Adjust Unit

UK Standard (90° Approach) & European Standard (95° Approach)

Microbore Tooling Systems approach

A cutting tool system must have  broad range of sizes and tool shapes to choose from so that the correct tool can be selected for a specific application.  Microbore offers more cartridges, in more sizes, in more shapes and in more carbide grades than any other manufacturer of adjustable cutting tools.

Rigidity and Speed of Adjustment

Microbore cartridge units are axially locked into a 360 cone seat that provides metal-to-metal support.  It gives maximum rigidity to the cutting edge of the tool that is necessary to obtain high accuracy, high stock removal and longer tool life.