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Custom Designed Tooling
For over 40 years Microbore® have been designing and manufacturing bespoke tooling to meet the individual requirements of customers whilst offering full technical support and advice. 

In the past 5 years Microbore Tooling Systems has made considerable investment in the design department and can now offer full 3D modelling of tools using the very latest design software.

Microbore Tooling Systems not only specialise in producing bespoke custom tooling utilising our well known micro adjustable units and gear adjust units, but can also incorporate I.S.O. cartridges, fixed indexable insert pockets and stick tools to ensure that every design is produced without compromise and as efficiently and economically as possible. 

Using Solidworks eDrawings® Microbore’s design engineers can now    e-mail 3D models or assembly drawings directly to customers for feedback or design approval without the need for any downloading of special software. 

Special Microbore Tooling by Category

Special Step Drills 
Microbore can produce custom step drills for chamfering, drill/counter boring operations and drill/chamfer operations. 

Special Semi-Finish Boring Tools
Depending on the tolerances of the finished bores; Microbore can produce semi-finishing tools with either fixed insert pockets or adjustable ISO cartridges. 

Special Finish Boring Tools
Microbore can produce single point finish boring tools utilising Microbore’s own ISO cartridges, ‘CM’ build-in units, micro adjustable units or gear adjust units where tolerances of less than 25µm are required. Microbore’s gear adjust ‘GA’ units have diametrical adjustment within 2µm. 

Back Boring Tools
Back boring tools can either be produced as roughing/semi-finishing tools using fixed insert pockets or specially designed stick tools or as finishing tools. Depending upon the required tolerance the finishing tools will utilise either standard micro adjustable units or gear adjust units. 

Over-Turning Tools
Over-Turning tools are most commonly used for overturning components with spigots or external diameters, on machining centres. This removes the need for long set-up and operation times associated with turning on face plates.

Can be produced for roughing/semi-finishing or finishing operations. 

Combination Boring Tools
Combination tools combine roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations into one tool where the application permits. These tools are longer in length than usual so therefore require clearance behind the bore being machined. 

Line Bars
Line bars for machining crank cases or engine blocks etc. 

These can combine semi-finishing and finishing operations for single or multiple concentric bores. 

For other types of tooling or for more details please contact: 

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